Welcome to the “Highway to Grace”!

Written by senior leader Steve Wheeler, it is an enlightening read, but remains down to earth and easily understood by the scholar and the “new believer” alike. The book is broken up into four parts to help readers breeze through it systematically and easily.

This book promises to be an important addition to the worldwide Gospel Revolution! Be sure to get your copy after the release date; 20 November!

It will be available for sale here on this site via PayPal, alternatively you can buy it at Highway Christian Community in Pinetown, KZN.


What people are saying about the book:

“Highway to Grace is a story about ordinary people growing in their understanding of an extraordinary God and His extravagant Grace. Church leaders will find it enlightening because it is written by one of us, working out these lessons in the trenches of church life. The truths contained here are not theory, they are biographical, with people in a local church contributing their piece to the picture, tempering it with real life pressures and honest questions. This book will bless those who want to know real issues facing churches in pursuit of the Gospel. May the journey chronicled here be repeated in thousands of churches across the earth!”

Greg Haswell

Senior Pastor at Northlands Church

Atlanta, Georgia, USA