5 Reasons To Read It

1. We are in a worldwide Gospel Revolution

All over the world, wherever you turn, no matter what nation you are in, people are entering into a fresh revelation of what Jesus fully accomplished for them on the Cross. This book is a significant piece in the puzzle of that awakening. It will add to your part in the journey of this revolution, and will give perspective to what is happening all over the world.

2. It is a true story
This is not another theological textbook. This is a true life story that documents the journey a significant church such as Highway Christian Community has undergone in transitioning from an Old Covenant mindset to a New Covenant reality. It gives the riveting story and insights you read that much more credibility.

3. It is written by the people for the people
Steve is one of the most down to earth pastors you will ever meet. Despite being a qualified theological teacher through Hatfield Bible School, numerous years of experience at Hatfield Church in Pretoria (one of South Africa’s biggest churches) and leading a significant church such as Highway for over 10 years; Steve isn’t interested in profile or profit. He wants the people to encounter Jesus for themselves. That’s what his life is about. His down to earth approach is personally felt as you read each page.

4. It is theologically sound
This is not a pie in the sky diary of make believe. This is the real Jesus, based on real Scripture. Using his years of experience and knowledge as a theological teacher, Steve opens up the Scripture with clarity and confidence and reveals the Glory of the Gospel in the most exciting ways.

5. It is written succinctly and systematically
After months of planning, deliberating and much prayer, Steve has outlaid this book in four sections and 9 chapters, each of even length, making it easy for you to read through systematically, and even plan how and when you will read it!