What people are saying about the book:

Highway to Grace is a story about ordinary people growing in their understanding of an extraordinary God and His extravagant Grace. Church leaders will find it enlightening because it is written by one of us, working out these lessons in the trenches of church life. The truths contained here are not theory, they are biographical, with people in a local church contributing their piece to the picture, tempering it with real life pressures and honest questions. This book will bless those who want to know real issues facing churches in pursuit of the Gospel. May the journey chronicled here be repeated in thousands of churches across the earth!

Greg Haswell

Senior Pastor at Northlands Church

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Rob and Glenda Rufus

It has been said that no idea or truth, however great, can survive to influence others unless it is embodied in a group of co-operating people. Highway Christian Community is an inspiring example of that. A bright beacon of hope, a family of friends spreading the fragrance of liberating Grace further and further. This is because my very good friend Steve has demonstrated superb skill in sequencing this precious congregation into the undiluted atmosphere of God’s concentrated Goodness revealed in the Finished Work of the Cross.

Rob Rufus

International Conference Speaker and Revivalist

Author of Invading the Impossible

Senior Pastor of City Church International, Hong Kong


The message of this book is both simple and profound; simple because Steve␣tells his own story and he has a gift of communicating simply with humour and clarity; and profound because he deals with one of the oldest tensions faced by the church throughout its history, the relationship between Law and Grace. Steve has discovered that Grace wins.

Dr. Allan Anderson

Professor of Global Pentecostal Studies

University of Birmingham, England


Steve is the real deal. In this book you will come to appreciate his transparency and humility as he charts his transition from Law to Grace. How many leaders do you know who would admit to having Pharisee tendencies? I believe this work will be an invaluable resource for leaders and believers all over the world undergoing a very similar journey of transformation. This is a book written not just in the dusty corridors of theology but out of encounters at the very Throne of Grace. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Steve’s testimony will inspire many others to shake o a history of religious drudgery and dryness and step into an adventure of joy and restoration of first love.

Fini de Gersigny

Psalmist and Senior Pastor at Jubilee Church

Sydney, Australia


In this book, Steve gives a detailed and thoroughly enjoyable description of the journey it took for him and his leadership to bring Highway Christian Community into the glorious revelation of God’s Grace. I get extremely excited when I see men and women standing up in this Gospel and uncompromisingly preaching it the way it is supposed to be preached! Even when it makes them unpopular. It’s not arrogance or contention that drives them, but the compelling conviction of a superior New Covenant truth of Spirit-empowered motivation rather than the inferior lifeless cohesion of law-based performance pressure.

Ryan Rufus

Author of Sanctification By Grace and Extra Virgin Grace

Associate Pastor at City Church International, Hong Kong

Founder of New Nature Publications


This book is a transparent account of Steve’s journey out of legalism into pure freedom in Christ. In this book you will not only hear the testimony of how Steve’s life was transformed but you will be given the tools to unpack from a biblical perspective a fresh revelation of God’s Grace for your life. This book is a timely word that is needed for every believer who wants to have the true foundation of Christ laid in their life. Whether you are a new believer, a believer that has grown up in a traditional church culture, or a Holy Spirit filled believer, there is a refreshing river in this book for you to partake of. Come and receive the pure waters of God’s unconditional love.

Keith Ferrante

Sr. Leadership Team, Mission Church, Vacaville, California

International Conference Speaker and author of There Must Be More


I believe Grace replaces the black and white of everyday life with the Covenantal colours of God’s rainbow. In this new season of Steve’s life, his parenting, husbanding and leadership have been splashed with the freedom and colours of Heaven.

Rory Dyer

International Conference Speaker

Associate Pastor at Glenridge Church

Durban, South Africa


To preach Grace is one thing… but to grace-fully pastor people through the process of embracing and expressing a New Covenant theology, mindset and culture, is something else entirely! Steve Wheeler’s inspiring journey will encourage and equip you for this challenging task, as you take a ride on the Highway to Grace!

Chad Mansbridge

Senior Pastor at Bayside Church International

Victor Harbour, Australia

Author of He Qualifies You!


This is a timely book for leaders who want to transition their churches into the full measure of a glorious New Covenant church. Steve skillfully tackles the practical pointers while vulnerably sharing the mis- takes and successes of their transition. His humour, interspersed with some very solid teaching, makes Highway to Grace a compelling read. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, friend. It has been a great thrill personally for me to watch this life-transforming message lodge deep into your heart.

Grant Flaum

Team Leader at Central Parks City Church

Johannesburg, South Africa


There is a reformation at hand. All across the globe God is releasing an increase of revelation pertaining to His nature. At the core of the knowledge of God that He is unveiling is the raw, undiluted, reality of Grace. Steve captures this reality in Highway to Grace through sharing his own journey out of Law and into the realms and promised lands of Grace.

Tyler Johnson

International Conference Speaker and Revivalist

Co-Founder of The Dead Raising Team, WA, USA

Author of Stories of the Supernatural: Finding God in Walmart


Steve Wheeler has always been an inspiration to me.   If there is any person I have ever known who can with authority write about Grace, it will be Steve. “Not of works,lest anyone boast”Grace,from cover to cover. Once you start reading you will not put it down. I recommend this book to any leader who is serious about the supernatural. I must warn you though, you may experience change and that could be dangerous. May you have a Grace explosion as you read this book.

Colin McGeer

Senior Pastor at Oasis Revival Ministry Pretoria, South Africa


This book uncovers the power of life-changing GRACE – not just a message but the bones, sinew, ligaments, muscle and container of everything that holds the freedom of true Christianity in place for the breath of God to infuse. Highway to Grace takes you to the Throne Room of Love and is essential before building any doctrine or ministry. We love Steve and Janet because they are a living epistle of what they preach, always hungry for more.

Greg & Georgia Riddle

Senior Pastors at New Life International Church, Cyprus


This is an intensely illuminating read, wherein Steve has been wonderfully open and honest on a personal and ministry level. He has invited us all into their journey to discover with Highway and for ourselves an exhilarating ride into God’s Grace.         I love this guy and the Highway family.

Mark Ellwood

Senior Pastor at Heights City Church

Toronto, Canada